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At Novick & Meyers, our firm is committed to providing experienced, dedicated and caring professionals to help people who are facing difficult situations. For decades we have been offering highly effective counsel and advocacy to those facing challenges related to family law, estates and probate, and personal injury.

No one should have to face such difficult situations without sound legal guidance that gives him or her a sense of confidence that his or her matters are being properly handled and that his or her rights and best interests are being protected. We work closely with each client, providing him or her with highly individualized service that allows us to get to know each client and what his or her vision of an optimal outcome is, so that we can build a plan that leverages our skill and experience to create the greatest advantage for our clients.

Since 1985, Attorney JoAnne Meyers has been working to help her clients secure outcomes that allow them to move on with their lives. Having graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Finance from Providence College, Attorney Meyers has focused her efforts over the last thirty (30) years on ensuring that the financial aspects of her clients’ issues are effectively resolved.

Our firm offers its experienced representation to those facing issues related to:

  • Family law — Divorce and other family law matters can have a tremendous negative impact on people’s lives for years and years if they are not handled properly the first time. Make sure you are confident in the attorney you choose to help you through your family law matters.
  • Estate planning and probate — Whether you are considering how to begin working on your estate plan, you have been named as a loved one’s personal representative for his or her estate or you are facing some other type of estate-related issue, having experienced counsel to guide you can make all of the difference.
  • Motor vehicle accidents — It can be hard to know what you need to do to protect your right to be compensated when you are reeling from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Discussing your case with an experienced attorney is the best step you can take toward ensuring you are properly compensated.

Family Law Attorney In Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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