Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Family Law Attorney

Novick & Meyers has been serving the diverse needs of our clients since 1996. We are focused on providing solid solutions to situations involving family law, estates and probate, and motor vehicle accidents. Over the years we have been helping our clients we have built a tremendous depth of knowledge regarding the laws that govern these types of matters as well as experience regarding how these issues impact the real lives of our clients.

We know the challenges our clients face and we strive to make sure that they have the dedicated support they need as they are working toward an optimal resolution. An optimal resolution can mean different things for different clients. Some central keys to the dedicated support we offer our clients include keeping them apprised of all developments in their case, getting to know each client personally so that we know exactly what his or her goals for the case are, and providing them with a high level of personal service that shows them that they are not just a case file at Novick & Meyers.

During the decades we have been helping people, we have built a reputation for providing highly effective, tenacious representation with integrity. We are proud of that reputation and work to continue to build that reputation with each new client we help.

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Family Law Attorney In Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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