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Wills and trusts allow people to make clear determinations about how they want their assets to be handled.


A will can be a very useful tool for ensuring that your assets benefit those you love when you die. Failing to draft a will or use some other type of estate planning instrument means that your assets will be handled under intestacy laws. This means that crucial choices about your estate and who benefits from it will be in the hands of the state government.

Do not allow the state to have control over everything you have worked so hard for, draft a will that clearly shows your intent and how you mean to benefit your loved ones.


A trust can be an essential element of a comprehensive estate plan. Living trusts and educational trusts are just a few of the examples of the types of trusts you can incorporate into your estate plan. Trusts offer a number of advantages over wills that many people find attractive:

  • Trusts can minimize tax burdens.
  • Trusts are privately administered. There are no public records as when a will is probated.

We can help you clearly understand how a particular type of trust can serve your needs.

Helping You Create The Tomorrow You Deserve

At Novick & Meyers, our firm understands that no one wants to simply turn over his or her estate to the government to make decisions on. Everyone has some idea of how he or she wants his or her assets to help his or her loved ones. Unfortunately, many people think the process is complicated or they cannot find the time for it.

We work to make the estate planning process easy for our clients. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to clearly identify goals and how to achieve them.

Attorney JoAnne Meyers earned her B.S. cum laude in Finance from Providence College. Her focus on financial matters has been ongoing since she began practicing law in 1985. Let her deep experience in handling financial matters help you as you work to draft a will or establish a trust to benefit your loved ones.

Wills Attorney In Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Do not settle for less than experienced counsel when you are drafting your will or setting up a trust. Turn to Novick & Meyers for counsel you can rely on. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, call 978-256-4500 or contact us online.