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Establishing appropriate child support and spousal support (alimony) levels is essential for both the parent or ex-spouse who is paying as well as the parent or ex-spouse who is receiving support. Both types of support can be critical to help financially support a household. Further, being forced to pay an unfair amount of support can lead to financial uncertainty for the paying party.

Child Support

Child support levels are determined through a formula contained in the Massachusetts state child support guidelines. The formula looks at such factors as gross income, child day care-related expenses and health care, dental and vision care expenses. Determining income for independent contractors and small-business owners as well as for high-level executives can be extremely challenging at times. For example, how are fringe benefits a person receives from a business factored into child support? We are experienced at investigating and evaluating income levels for people with such occupations. It should also be noted that the amount of time a parent has custody of his or her child may also be a factor that affects child support.

Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony has recently been reformed in Massachusetts with the passage of new alimony statutes. The interpretation of the new alimony statutes continues to cause upheaval in the law, impacting many issues such as, for example, how the court needs to deal with an ex-spouse who is receiving alimony who begins living with someone else. There are many questions surrounding how alimony is to be handled with the passage of the new alimony statutes. Having an experienced legal guide who stays on top of current developments in the laws regarding alimony is the best way to ensure that your spousal support determination is handled in the most informed and advantageous manner it can.

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At Novick & Meyers, our firm has been providing skilled and experienced representation on a wide array of family law matters since 1996. During those years of serving our clients’ needs we have developed a keen understanding of how to most effectively pursue our clients’ goals with tenacity and integrity. Let us use that experience to help you secure the child support and spousal support goals you have.

Attorney JoAnne Meyers graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Finance from Providence College. She began practicing law in 1985. Her early emphasis on finance was continued in her practicing of family law. She brings a tremendous depth of experience on financial matters that truly benefits her clients, especially when they are facing financial questions such as those regarding child support or spousal support.

Child Support And Spousal Support Attorney In Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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