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January, 2017 Archives

Attorney Meyers has been my Guardian Angel

“Attorney JoAnne Meyers is amazing ! She has been there for me whenever I’ve needed her. She has been my Guardian Angel thru the most difficult times of my divorce. JoAnne is the best at what she does! Whenever I call her office her Assistant Carol has always shown me respect and compassion. JoAnne helps me to feel safe and protected. I thank God for her !!”

Judy G. – divorce client

Divorce, Deception and Hidden Asset Discovery

Despite irreconcilable differences in a marriage, most people enter the divorce process believing their soon to be ex-spouse is a generally honest person. However, this is not always the situation. The fact is there are those individuals that knowing a divorce is imminent or in their future, will conjure up ways to conceal assets. Regardless, even if you have no reason to suspect your former partner is a liar, there is still good cause to be curious and concerned about your family’s finances heading into a divorce.

Once a divorce begins, some parties will do whatever it takes to conceal and hold on to what they believe is their money. Moreover, some will have even created secret accounts or have performed other devious financial actions during the course of the entire marriage. Discovering these hidden assets, during a divorce will enable you to receive an equitable divorce settlement.

You should never rely entirely on your spouse’s financial affidavit. The good news is an experienced divorce attorney has seen many of these hiding asset schemes before and has many tools at their disposal such as the right to issue subpoenas (court orders to produce records or testimony) to assist in uncovering … Read More »

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